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HTSS it's an engineering company developing custom project for customers. Actually it is mainly involved in assets certification for private and administrations.

The company is developing his new cloud technologies, presenting on the market new ideas and new patented methodologies. HTSS is providing to main customers cloud services to satisfy directly customers needs.

Fight against counterfeit is one of his main services and our cloud platform is helping the final customers to get the real feeling of their "original" purchase.

Maurizio Peralti

After studies I started in developing new products for the garment industries, but have been involved in sales forgetting my main skills.

I worked in sales managing for many years, in garment and textile business, as employee and co-owner of many companies, with a lot of successes. But at the end I came back to my original ideas, using my strong knowledge of informatics and networking architectures, I started developing projects, machineries, products, increasing my knowledge in rdfi tracking.

Actually I have patented many ideas mainly in cloud services to the administrations and industries. I am focusing my efforts to improve the world of certification with new high tech supports and technologies.

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